5000m Meet Results 18 May 2019

1PEICHEFF, SeanM4817:54.7979.2%UnattachedPB
2WILKIE, SabrinaF3417:57.1280.9%Unattached1st Women
3EVANS, FelixM3218:15.7469.6%Vancouver FalconsPB
4ROBERTSON, IanM3818:19.0471.8%Vancouver Falcons
5GREENWOOD, EleanorF4018:24.7081.4%Vancouver Falcons2nd Women
6MARSH, DaveM3518:30.5569.6%Vancouver FalconsPB
7PLOUVIER, ManonF1818:36.7578.2%Van Thunderbirds3rd Women
8MARTLAND, KaiM1218:38.3378.1%Van Thunderbirds
9PALMER, GeoffreyM3718:40.7869.9%Kwyjibo
10CHADSEY, EmmaF2518:43.1577.0%Vancouver Falcons
11SANKAR, KrishanuM2819:08.7865.9%Vancouver Falcons
12TITOV, MikhailM5119:46.0073.6%Ocean Athletics
13TRAN, MyF3821:17.3769.5%Unattached
14VIMONT, CharlesM3121:18.9459.5%Vancouver FalconsPB
15HOWLETT, JaneF3021:47.4566.2%Vancouver Falcons
16MAKELA, SusannaF4822:50.8271.3%Forerunners
17HARMON, Lei-LaniF4524:28.7564.2%Unattached
18THOMPSON, BeckyF2424:37.6158.5%Mile2Marathon
19THOMPSON, JohnM6424:46.4265.6%Unattached
DNFJENEI, KristinaF31Vancouver Falcons
1GLADLEY, AlexM2915:52.0279.6%Vancouver FalconsPB
2BROWNE, NicholasM3815:52.6782.8%Vancouver Falcons
3MCNAMARA, PaulM3715:56.4582.0%UnattachedPB
4LOEWEN, RonaldM2716:07.1278.3%Langley Mustangs
5KIMURA, KyleM2916:34.1376.2%Vancouver Falcons
6NISBET, GaryM2716:47.5975.1%Vancouver FalconsPB
7HOWLETT, MitchM2916:51.0874.9%Vancouver FalconsPB
8COOPER, JulianM3716:55.3477.2%Vancouver FalconsPB
9MURRAY, RonnieM2917:05.6073.8%Forerunners
10MELNIK, MattM2917:13.0573.3%Unattached
11KELLER, ConnorM3017:41.2871.5%Donore Harriers
12CRESSMAN, DaveM5017:48.3881.0%Unattached
13FINLAYSON, PhilipM4417:51.9377.0%Mile2MarathonPB
14COOK, JackM5118:06.0680.3%Fast Trax 
15MEADOWS, DevonM1418:12.6176.2%Coquitlam Cheetahs
DNFPINCKARD, MarkM59Ocean Athletics

Race Report

The meet was run on a beautiful Spring evening at the UBC track. The first heat had a wider range of abilities and doubled up as our women’s race. Many of the athletes experienced their first waterfall start under the watchful eye of starter Iain Fisher. The field settled into a number of groups quickly, each working together and racing to the finish. There were plenty of PBs among the athletes including race winner Sean Peicheff setting a new personal best at 48 years old! The top 3 female finishers were Sabrina Wilke (17:57), Ellie Greenwood (18:24), and Manon Plouvier (18:36).

In the second heat, the racing was a little more bunched and pacing was more aggressive than the first. Many of the field were struggling to maintain paces in the later stages of the race but there were still a number of track 5000m personal bests set. The race finished with a sprint finish between club mates Alex Gladley and race director Nicholas Browne both finishing in 15:52 in that order, while Paul McNamara finished third in a track PB of 15:56.

Thank you to the support of all our participants, volunteers, and spectators, especially:

  • Photo finish – Scott Saunders
  • BC Athletics Officials – Iain Fisher, John Cull, Carol Cull, Jill Delane, Chris Winter
  • Photographers – Charles Perrot-Minot and Michael Carson
  • Videographer – Rick Horne

Race Media

Photos 1:             https://flic.kr/s/aHsmDCqMsN – Charles Perrot-Minot (Instagram @charly.charlo)

Photos 2:             https://michaelcarson.smugmug.com/VFAC-Track-Meet-May-2019/ – Michael Carson

Video Heat 1:     https://youtu.be/LKzNXt94OJY – Rick Horne (Instagram @photorrhorne)

Video Heat 2:     https://youtu.be/oJIo48K-Meo

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